April 2015 Favourites

Guten Tag von Deutschland, where I’ve been since Wednesday. It’s slight strange to be here when the UK is in the throes of election campaign and now baby celebrations.

April was a busy month, bookended by short trips (one work, one play), and filled in the middle with visits from good friends and lots of other activities. I also finished the first draft of a chapter of my thesis (yay!). Here are a few tidbits for your perusal.

Beautiful maps.

◌ Speaking of beautiful, saw this fantastic musical and would highly recommend it.

◌ Great collection of recipes for Cinco de Mayo from one of my favourite blogs.

Do I have a child or have a career?

◌ The 40 best restaurants in Britain (apparently!).

◌ Anyone who hasn’t seen The Jinx yet MUST watch it as soon as possible — sooo chilling, and very well done.

Oldest known video footage of London.

◌ Book: I sped through No Expenses Spared, about UK MPs’ expenses scandal, and am currently reading Crow Lake and loving it.

◌ Quite enjoyed Jancis Robinson’s wine for invalids.

Guide to Asian noodles.

Finally, do whatever you can, beg, borrow, or steal(ok, maybe not the latter), to watch this documentary:

It’s the best film I have seen in a very long time — simply amazing!


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