Three (more) summer salads

I haven’t posted a proper ‘food’ post for a long time (the end of April, so almost 2 months). I think that’s a record in the 4+ year history of this blog. Yikes. I refuse to feel guilty about what’s supposed to be a simple fund side project, but I’m not happy with that. I got back from Canada on Sunday the 14th and a week ago today, Tuesday the 16th, finally made supper in my own kitchen for the first time in about a month. That felt strange but very, very good. I really want to get back to a normal posting schedule, but I know with a 6-day trip coming up next week and an 8-day trip following soon after, that’s going to be a bit challenging. So, I’ll do what I can when I can. 🙂

It might not be sky-high temperatures here in the UK, but it’s finally summer and at this time of year I crave really simple and lighter meals. Last year I did a summer salad post so I thought I’d keep to tradition and do another one this year.

Delia Smith’s Red Rice Salad (recipe)
I’ve written about red rice before (here and here). If you’ve had red rice, you know if you’re a red rice lover or not. I happen to be, and this salad is excellent. In my books, the chewier the rice, the better, and I love the texture of this stuff. Red rice tends to go really well with certain types of cheese and spring onions, both of which this salad features, along with rocket leaves and a simple dressing (I left the shallots out as I didn’t have any). This would be a great BBQ side or it perfectly fine on its own. No picture for this one, sorry — it got gobbled up too quickly!

Fried Chickpeas with Tamarind-Yogurt Sauce
The second is an incredibly easy dish that can be made in about 15 minutes; perfect for a quick supper or lunch. I got the idea from an old Bon Appetit magazine that my aunt had laying around. The idea is to drain a can of chickpeas, and then lightly fry them in oil for about 10-15 minutes, until slightly crispy. While that’s happening, wash and chop up some spring onions and fresh coriander. When the chickpeas are finished, drain them and mix with a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt and 1.5 tsp tamarind paste (**these measurements are approximate — adjust accordingly!). The sourness of the tamarind works perfectly with the other flavours. It would also be great with added veggies (cucumbers or red peppers come to mind).
chickpea tamarind (3)

Thai Mango Salad
Normally the idea of fruit in salad puts me off completely, but I gave this a try recently (in Sandy Cove), and was pleasantly surprised. There are lots of versions of this out there (here is one similar to the one we made) and you can make it veggie or non-veggie with chicken or shrimp. I did the former. I couldn’t eat this every day, but found it to be a really refreshing salad that has the sweet, spicy, and salty trademarks of Thai food.

mango salad


2 thoughts on “Three (more) summer salads

  1. KayJay 23/06/2015 / 9:07 pm

    Must try these -they sound delish!

    • K.M. 24/06/2015 / 4:33 pm

      thank you – let me know how you get on! 🙂 xx

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