Apricot Crumble Tart

Nigel Slater is one of my favourite British cooks. He just seems so calm and likable. I wouldn’t normally buy apricots, but Nigel convinced me with this recipe in last Sunday’s Observer. I’m very glad I made this tart, the first tart/crumble/dessert-type thing I’ve baked in months!

It’s sort of an odd one, as the title suggests, a mix between a crumble and a tart. The same mixture, which is what I would call a traditional crumble topping, is used for both the base and the top. For the base, it’s mixed together with a bit of water and pressed into the pan. I was a bit nervous, but it worked perfectly. I even completely forgot to add the pine nuts (oops), and it turned out wonderfully (although, not quite as crumbly as the photo in the link!).

This is a very forgiving dessert in that even if it doesn’t look pretty, unless you forgot to do something crucial, it’s likely going to taste pretty damn good. As Nigel says, you need a bit of cream or ice cream with it (we used a bit of double cream). Overall, it was a thumbs up from both of us (H. proclaimed it “amazing”). It kept overnight in the fridge but didn’t last long after that. 🙂



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