Thai Roasted Chicken with Coconut Rice

Thomasina Miers has had a column in the Saturday Guardian magazine for quite a while now. She is the owner of the Wahaca restaurants, which are Mexican, but her columns have always been rather internationally focused, cuisine-wise. Until recently, I hadn’t tried any of her recipes (or at least can’t remember having done so), but this one caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. It had me at “Thai BBQ chicken.”

Ah, barbeques. This is the time of year that I really feel the absence of a back yard or a balcony. Majorly. If I had my way I would be cooking outside most nights, but since that isn’t an option when you live in a small flat in one of the world’s most expensive cities, I did it in the oven.

I followed the recipe fairly carefully (using thighs instead of a whole chicken), but omitted the coconut and raisins in the rice. I don’t like the texture of the former, and the latter is not meant to be eaten in any other form except on their own (no personal preferences here at all! Ha).

This is one of those weird dishes that is really more than the sum of its parts. On its own, each element isn’t anything to write home about — particularly the rice, which I found a bit stodgy and I’m still not sure about the roasted cashews which get a bit lost. But when it’s all mixed together in a mouthful (with the sauce, not pictured below), it’s delicious. It reminded me a bit of a new-ish restaurant in London, a Thai BBQ place called the Smoking Goat, which H. and I tried a couple of months back. Yes, char from a BBQ would have made it a lot better, but this version worked just fine for us. It’s definitely a marinade and sauce combination I would make again.



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