Cherry Clafoutis

This past year has been an annoying one for me, allergy-wise. I developed a severe allergy to some types of raw nuts and was told by the allergist that this would likely also extend to certain fruits and veg in the future. I now have to be very careful with raw fruit, particularly stone fruit. I tried peaches earlier in the summer and had a mild reaction, so unfortunately did not get to sample these cherries in all of their raw glory. However, cooked fruit is absolutely fine, and when I saw this recipe on David Lebovitz’s blog, I thought it looked like a good one to try.

I was sure I had made a clafoutis before, but can’t find a post about it on this blog nor remember exactly what type it was. The fact that we didn’t really like this dessert also confirmed it! There is not much to report on this one. Making it is extremely straightforward, other than the tedious cherry pitting, which I H. did by hand (thank you H.!). Ultimately, though, neither of us really liked the clafoutis, not because it didn’t taste good but because of the custard-y texture. Too eggy. Just not for us. Ah well.

I’m writing this from Nova Scotia where I have been for just over a week. I have about 10 posts sitting waiting to be written/finished/started — a big backlog. I am trying to work my way through them as the days go by here. I will catch up eventually… I hope still roughly in time with the seasons and timely posts, because before you know it fall will be upon us!

IMG_6821 (2)


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