End of Summer 2015 Favourites

An error meant that this went out before the links were completely edited. Whoops. Apologies!

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Can we please put August on repeat? I’m not ready for September!

Books on wine for summer fall reading.

What it’s really like to be a pilot. Looking forward to this book.

◌ The radio station that stayed on though Hurricane Katrina.

◌ Vacationing like it’s 1999, i.e. without constant technology. I found this refreshing but sad that some people have to resort to paying for solitude from technology. I hope I never become one of them.

◌ All of the artwork in The Goldfinch.

Pretty damn cool.

◌ Was really happy to see Nova Scotia on this list of food-related honeymoon destinations!

◌ Everyone needs to read Hack Attackwhich knocked my socks off. Brilliant journalism, brilliant critique of power.

What it feels like to be a Canadian.

◌ Great ideas for mini pizzas.

Beautiful bowls.

◌ I followed the Feast‘s edible road trip blog, and am so pleased to see they have a book coming out.

12 years in the Blue Man Group.



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