Seafood Chowder

I feel like summer is well and truly over. Weather-wise back in London, it’s been pretty poor — a freezing 9 degrees when I left the house yesterday morning. I’ve been back to work for a week now and so my weeks of checking email only once every couple of days are a distant memory. I do love fall though, and am excited for it, but before we get into spiked pumpkin latte season (shout-out for you MC, ha ha), a few late summer recipes are still to come on the blog.

I made this chowder a couple of weeks ago in Sandy Cove. We were fortunate to have some amazing seafood on hand — haddock, clams, and leftover lobster. I love a good chowder and so thought it would be the perfect way to combine it all.

I started loosely basing it on this one from The Bite House, but ended up changing things around fairly quickly. I only used a small amount of fennel (garden-fresh too!) but had to remove it as even the smell was too licoricey for me. Instead of sausage I used about 4 slices of bacon. I followed Bryan’s liquid measurements closely, and it came out the perfect most rich (but not overly rich) silky chowder. Much better than my first attempt three years ago! Most ingredients in the bowl were Nova Scotian, and all of the seafood had been caught locally. I know a lot of people eat like this all the time (well, for at least part of the year), but it’s still a novelty for me to cook a meal that is well and truly ‘local’, and a very good feeling.

seafood chowder YUM


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