Tomato Tart

I love tomatoes and will happily eat them in just about any form in anything. One of my favourite times to be in Nova Scotia is when the tomatoes are ripe and plentiful in my aunt and uncle’s garden — it is overwhelming! The tomatoes are so good that neither of them eat them at any other time of the year unless it’s their own frozen ones. Alas, that didn’t happen this year, so I’ve had to get my fix elsewhere — usually at our weekly farmer’s market, where we’ve had tomatoes since late July (which is actually when I made this).

Before we left for Nova Scotia in early August, H. and I completely cleaned out our freezer and used everything up. I had some frozen puff pastry, and had visions of a tomato tart, and in my search came across this recipe at the Kitchn. I was a bit unsure at first because of the mayo. Yes, I have a fear of mayonnaise that I am gradually overcoming. 😉 In the end, the simplicity of this tart won me round, and I’m really glad I tried it.

My version was two-cheese rather than three (cheddar and feta), and it was delicious. No, it’s not the healthiest meal around, but it’s damn tasty and really hits the spot. And is perfect if you are lucky enough to have access to lots of tomatoes right now!

Market tomatoes
Market tomatoes



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