Fig & Mascarpone Tart

Figs seem to be everywhere right now. As a recent concert to fresh figs, I was eager to bake something with them this fall. I initially had in mind a cheesecake, but this post caught my eye. I simplified the tart a bit, omitting the orange blossom and almonds — not as fancy or complex, but I think it still worked well.

Throwing this together is almost laughably easy if you use ready made puff pastry, as I did and as the recipe recommends. It only requires a bit of planning as the pastry base has to cool before it can be ‘dressed.’ The first step is to bake the base, which is the hardest part really! As it’s baking, make up the mascarpone spread (and try to resist eating it all) and chop up the figs. That’s it really. When the pastry is cool, spread out the cheese and honey mixture and add the figs.

I’m glad I tried this. Next time I’ll add the almonds and orange (I think zest would have worked well too), but it was still a delicious dessert. Note that the tart should be eaten the same day it’s made. It does keep overnight in the fridge but isn’t quite as tasty.



2 thoughts on “Fig & Mascarpone Tart

  1. ChristinaWithCaramel 15/10/2015 / 8:11 pm

    That looks so fresh and beautiful. I haven’t baked a lot with fresh figs, but this is incredible 🙂

    • K.M. 16/10/2015 / 3:03 pm

      thanks so much! I can’t claim credit for the idea, but it is a really nice dessert!!

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