October 2015 Favourites

November. 2015 is almost over — gulp, how has this happened? October was a busy but overall fun month: we had some weekend day trips, field trips with my students, a fun Thanksgiving party, a visit from my mum, a trip to Germany, and H. and I celebrated our 6th anniversary!

I’ll keep it short this month, because I’m drowning in work.

Amazing video.

Wine fountain in Spain!

◌ So sad that Henning Mankell has died. I love his books.

◌ What’s your personality? I’m an INFJ, which I thought was pretty accurate.

◌ The year’s best documentaries, according to Goop.

Insect restaurant coming to London. I think this is something I’d try!

What’s your style personality? Mine (B) was very accurate!

◌ Cocktails with coriander? Yes please.

Not your average peacock.

◌ How to get creative with lasagna noodles.

Yes, it’s everywhere, but I do love this song:


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