Mushroom & Mozza Risotto Cakes / Baked Risotto with Peppers & Eggplant

Two posts in November is not a great record. I had every intention of posting more, but life got in the way. I was a hermit for most of October and was not being very social, so made it my goal to get out more in November. I wish I could say that’s why I haven’t been posting, but no, H. and I were struck down with an awful stomach bug that lasted 10 days. That 1 1/2 weeks was a total write-off in terms of cooking and doing much outside of the house, unfortunately.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately… life has changed a great deal in the almost 5(!) years since I started this blog. While I still have a great deal of control over my schedule, I no longer have the time to experiment in the kitchen as much as I used to. Cooking has become a lot more functional and practical, as I knew it would, and that’s only going to increase over time. I still love being in the kitchen and trying new things, but I now only seem to have the time to do that a few times a month. Of course, this is also coming to the end of the semester during which I have lectured for the first time, am trying to finish my PhD, and of course how can I forget, now starting to apply for ‘real’ jobs. I.e. it’s a very busy of time of year! Reprieve will come (I hope).

Today I have two really good recipes to share, both featuring arborio rice used in ways different to a traditional risotto. Bringing these together was a fluke; I originally intended to post them separately but it makes sense to combine them.

Mushroom & mozarella risoto cakes
delicious magazine tweeted this recipe over a month ago, and it caught my eye straight away. It is one of those recipes that looks straightforward and requires easy-to-get-a-hold-of ingredients. Although my version did not look as good as the photo in the link ;), I loved this meal because it turns out that I love the texture of fried arborio rice. The cakes are a bit hard to get to stick together. Mine did, but just barely. This is the perfect meal to have with a crisp, slightly spicy side green salad. They’re crunchy and simply delicious.

risotto cakes


Baked rice with eggplant and peppers
Luisa’s title sounds better, and her photo looks better too! But essentially this is exactly what is sounds like: rice baked with aubergine and peppers and topped with cheese. It’s very tasty and straightforward enough to make as a weeknight meal. I’d be inclined next time to try it with drained canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones, just to see what a difference it makes in texture. Otherwise this dish gets my full approval.

riso al forno all siciliana

PS: Happy December! November favourites coming soon.


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