January 2016 Favourites

My first favourites of 2016!


◌ Loved this article on Toni Morrison.

This is a pledge I can get behind!

◌ H. and I watched A Most Violent Year — a quiet but thought-provoking film about morals. We liked it.

◌ Reading the Guardian’s Weekend magazine is one of the rituals I look forward to every Saturday and I was so thrilled to see a cover story on Ellen Page!

◌ It was posted in the spirit of new years’ resolutions, but this is a collection of good advice for all year round (and: the science of willpower).

◌ 2016 book previews: fiction; nonfiction.

◌ Speaking of previews, winter ’16 in TV.

◌ I watched Vice’s prison documentary on the flight to Canada in December. It’s a good one.

◌ I’m a little skeptical of so many of these clickbait lists, but every once in a while they do make you feel good! 16 Uncomfortable Feelings That Actually Indicate You’re On The Right Path.

◌ Beg, borrow, or steal Station Eleven — one of the best books I have ever read. Just read it. The Narrow Road to the Deep North, last year’s Pulitzer winner, was also very very good. Harrowing, but jaw-droppingly beautiful writing.

◌ I’m late on this, since it’s been on since 2009 I started watching The Good Wife in October, but … it’s a good show! And on Netflix in the UK and Canada.

What’s really on trial in the Ghomeshi case?



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