Rhubarb & Blood Orange Crumble

Citrus is abundant at this time of year, and recently I have been seeing blood oranges popping up everywhere (apparently, their darker colour flesh comes from an antioxidant pigment and blood oranges have more of a berry taste than a typical orange). To take advantage of the seasonal fruit, I decided to make this crumble from delicious magazine. Crumbles are one of my favourite desserts, and they definitely have to be one of the easiest ones out there, although I did almost forget to put the sugar in this one.

If I was to be completely honest, the orange taste is not very strong or distinctive. It adds a hint of zest and of course it’s rather tart anyway with the rhubarb. This dish is best served with a drizzle of cream and great for breakfast dessert or a snack. It will keeps in the fridge a few days although it tastes best the day it’s made.



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