Beef & Peanut Stew

I’m not really a beef stew person. Unless I’m in Ireland and I’m in a pub and it’s pouring rain and steaming up inside and I’ve already had a couple of glasses of red — then I might order a beef stew. Otherwise, it’s not something I crave or actively seek out to make. I made this because I bought the wrong cut of beef by accident. To use up my stewing beef, I searched for a recipe and ended up making this one from The Kitchn. It appealed to me straight away because both H. & I love peanuts/PB in savoury dishes. It is a bit like a a non-vegetarian version of this amazing soup, but a bit less rich as it does not contain coconut milk.

This dish is best as a weekend deal as it takes around 3+ hours to make in its entirety. I followed the recipe quite closely although I used a can of tomatoes instead of chopped ones. The stew needs the moisture — the only word of advice I’d give for this one is to keep an eye on it towards the end, as you’ll likely need to add water. The end texture is more curry than stew (I think of stews being a lot more watery), but whatever — the taste is fantastic!

I served it over couscous but millet would be even better.



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