April 2016 Favourites

It’s May. How did this happen? Here are a few links for your perusal. The blog has been quiet lately but that is about to change again. ūüôā The biggest news in April is that I’ve become one step closer to finishing my thesis — I submitted a full draft to my supervisor at the end of last week, and it felt really good. Finally, I can take a little breather!

‚óĆ Spring¬†is here and with it cravings for lighter and fresher food; here are collections of spring¬†recipes from the NYT and the Guardian.

‚óĆ Anyone in the mood for an edge-of-your-seat policy show needs to start¬†Line of Duty¬†immediately! It was the perfect antidote to writing and editing. Seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix and season 3 has just broadcast here in the UK.

‚óĆ A Long Love Affair With the Scottish Isles.

‚óĆ A good explainer on¬†sulfites in wine.

‚óĆ Terrifying.

‚óĆ H. and I were lucky to see¬†Bug the play earlier this month, and were blown away. So, so good.

‚óĆ Behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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