A Month of Meals (v. 2.0)

Three years ago (doesn’t seem that long!) I published a month of meals and decided it was time to do an updated version. I had the idea again in March, but as the two months three years apart were so similar (including a long weekend visit from my dad as well as 3 days at a conference), I decided to do April instead. You’ll see a few differences to 3 years ago — namely, I only made four new recipes the whole month (these are bolded). I started strong, but since the second half of April was taken up with finishing my thesis, I was rather distracted then!

Fri 1 April – Chilli con carne
Sat 2 April – Kale Caesar (V)
Sun 3 April – Roasted duck legs with roast potatoes and carrots
Mon 4 April – Vietnamese Cauliflower soup (V)
Tues 5 April – Beef & peanut stew
Wed 6 April – Leftovers (beef stew) + kale salad
Thurs 7 April – Leek risotto (V)
Fri 8 April – Nachos! (V)
Sat 9 April- Away (out – Black Swan in Suffolk)
Sun 10 April – Away (Pesto noodles) (V)
Mon 11 April – Kale Caesar (V)
Tues 12 April – Sweet & sour pork with rice
Wed 13 April – Homemade pizza
Thurs 14 April – Leftover pizza with ….guess what…kale Caesar
Fri 15 April – Bacon & leek pasta
Sat 16 April – Chicken enchiladas
Sun 17 April – Cauliflower soup (V)
Mon 18 April – Pad Thai
Tues 19 April – Leftover cauliflower soup (V)
Wed 20 April – Spinach salad (V)
Thurs 21 April – Out (Granger & Co)
Fri 22 April – Ramen noodle soup (V)
Sat 23 April – Mushroom & leek tart (V)
Sun 24 April – Skillet chicken
Mon 25 April – Leftover chicken + broccoli Greek salad
Tues 26 April – Thai Beef curry
Wed 27 April – Out (Wings Wednesday)
Thurs 28 April – Couscous salad with tomatoes, spring onions, and feta (V)
Fri 29 April – Takeaway curry
Sat 30 April – BBQ with friends in Manchester


One thought on “A Month of Meals (v. 2.0)

  1. KayJay 24/06/2016 / 10:47 am

    Oh man! Impressive!

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