The Guardian’s Kitchen Encounters

With me! (see the real ones here)

My kitchen is… in need of a complete gut and refurbishment. Space-wise it’s not huge, but it has potential that’s not being used. Alas, it’s a rental, and it’ll never be done while we live here. It’s (mostly) functional at least.


My favourite kitchen tool is… our immersion blender. It’s a particularly good one and we seem to use it for everything. #2 is our nut grinder — one of those gadgets that you see in-store and don’t really think you’ll use much but it is very handy.

My cupboard staple is… canned tomatoes. I use them so much, particular in the winter when I don’t tend to buy many fresh ones.

When I’m starving I… always reach for something savoury: crackers and hummus, cheese, or (rarely, since I don’t usually buy them) chips/crisps with sour cream.

My culinary inspiration is… the simplicity of summer cooking in Sandy Cove. My other inspiration is my grandmother’s cooking which was so technically perfect and delicious and yet she did it so effortlessly.


My best-kept kitchen secret is… when chopping a lot of veg, keep a container next to you for discarded bits. It saves having to run between the compost/bin and the counter, and eliminates a messy cutting board. Also, if all else fails: eggs. They are versatile, easy, filling, and healthy!

My current obsession is…  smoothies. And sparkling wine, now that it’s finally sort of summer.

Everything tastes better with… acid (in the form of lemon juice or a good vinegar). Always more.

When I go shopping I… am usually prepared with a list. But I always allow myself the flexibility of being inspired and going off-piste!

For dinner tonight…  I’m going to make this salad.


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