Strawberry Gin Smash

I will address the results of the UK’s EU referendum at some point on my blog, but I need some time to calm down and reflect. In the meantime I offer this cocktail as a distraction… but believe me, I’m not celebrating anything here…

I love strawberry season. Along with raspberries they are my favourite fruit. At this time of year I usually end up buying 2-3 punnets a week (so expect a few more strawberry-related posts to come!). Even though London’s weather cannot really be called “summer” yet, I’m pretending it is, at least when it comes to cocktails.

This “recipe” comes from the Kitchn and is part of their 10 minute happy hour series (definitely a series I can get behind). The main ingredients are gin, strawberries, lime, sugar, mint, and tonic water. My only criticism of this is that it’s a bit difficult to eat/drink the berries in their smashed state – one sort of ends up half-chewing, half-swallowing them. It’s a really refreshing drink, perfect for cool and rainy hot summer days.


strawberry gin smash

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