June 2016 Favourites

Happy Canada Day! I’ve spent so many Canada Days outside my home country now I’ve lost count. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow stronger.

Wow, June. What can I say. It’s been one of the most chaotic months of my life and certainly in world politics in recent memory. To be honest, I am still struggling to put into words my feelings about what’s happening here. All I can say at this point is thanks for shattering my dreams, 52%. Brexit has huge consequences for me, personally and professionally. The country is in crisis. It is really scary.

In all of this chaos I almost forgot that June was a month of celebration for me: I submitted my PhD thesis! And watched one of my best friends get married!

So, to counter all of this doom and gloom, some cheeriness…

Stunning photos of waves.

◌ Apparently the top 100 restaurants in the UK. I’ve only been to 6 of them and I’m dubious. Bao would be nowhere near the top 100 for me.

◌ Reading this and this and both are excellent.

Why I go barefoot in the kitchen.

How to bear-proof your house. Just because!

◌ Kickass Canadians. A perfect link for July 1st.

Beach Town, by Anthony Bourdain.

14 champagne cocktails!

◌ In between Euros games (auf geht’s Deutschland!), H. and I have been watching Detectorists (season 1 is on Netflix here). I really can’t recommend this series enough. It is the antidote to chaos. Quietly funny. Brilliant.

What to eat in July. Good collection of seasonal recipes.

◌ Goop’s summer reading suggestions.

Hello CN Tower — went up for the first time since I was about 10!


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