Mushroom Strudel with Spinach & Cream Sauce

It’s so hot here at the moment that even thinking about putting something in the oven fills me with dread. London is in a mini heatwave (highs into the 30s this week), and needless to say this mushroom strudel is probably one of the last things I’d want to make right now. Alas, I made this a few weeks ago when we were still in our “not summer summer” period of cool and rainy weather.

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to describe this dish. It’s one of those dishes that looks like it’s a lot of work….good for a dinner party (or brunch). Parts of it are very easy to make, and the rolling up is not difficult but just takes some precision and care (hardy store-bought pastry helps a lot).

The recipe is from Craig Flinn’s Fresh and Local, and I’ve had it on my ‘to-make’ list for a while. Love pastry, love mushrooms, love garlicky creamy sauces — what’s not to love in this?

Mushroom strudel, adapted from Craig Flinn

  1. Mushrooms: sautee 500g of mushrooms*, 2-3 chopped shallots, a clove of garlic, and salt and pepper in butter, until the mushrooms release liquid.  Cook for roughly 10 more minutes, and then deglaze the pan with 60ml sherry (or wine). Add in 4 tbsp chopped fresh herbs and 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs.** Allow to cool.
  2. Pastry: Roll out your pastry [see * note below about mushrooms] and place the cooled filling in the centre lengthways. Using an eggwash of 1 egg + 1.5tbsp milk, brush this along the inside seam of the dough. Roll up, on the long side. Then placed the rolled ‘log’ on a baking sheet and make 4 slits to allow the steam to escape. Bake at 200C for ~20 minutes (it should be golden brown and crisp).
  3. Meanwhile make the spinach sauce***: Lightly sautee 1 chopped shallet with some lemon zest in 1 tbsp butter. Add in 225g spinach and 6 leaves basil [latter optional]. Wait till it has wilted and then add in 125ml white wine. Reduce liquid by half, and then add in 125ml cream & 1 tsp lemon juice. Allow it to come to the boil and then take it off the heat. Puree in a blender or with an immersion stick!

With a side salad it’s a winner. I will definitely be making this again when it cools down a bit later this summer.

*The recipe calls for 2lb/900g. I found that was way too much. It also specifies “one puff pastry sheet”, which I am guessing must be a lot larger in Canada than here. Adjust accordingly!
**I COMPLETELY forgot to do this! I had the breadcrumbs out and ready and only realized I’d forgotten when it was in the oven.
***I was a bit nervous about the sauce, but it’s excellent. It really works. It would be great on a number of other things!




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