24 hours in western Cumbria

There are so many parts of the UK that are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Recently we got to experience another one of them: the western Lake District/west Cumbria. This visit was short and mostly sweet. Our job was to drop off my aunt J and her good friend L, who started the 190-mile Coast to Coast walk on Friday. After a horrendous drive north on Thursday (bank holiday weekend + rush hour), we were rewarded with a full day of excellent weather on Friday.

We managed to pack a lot in in just 24 hours. We did the first third of day 1 of the C2C, which took in some stunning views of the Cumbrian coast and Irish sea, and then turned back for St Bees as J and L continued on their way. That afternoon, we walked partway around the stunning Ennerdale Water before visiting a local pub for some yummy fish and chips. On Saturday morning we headed back south, down the loooong M6 (fortunately not nearly as much traffic), and back to London life.

This trip was really the last of the summer wine hurrah. It’s back to school now, and I’ve got a very busy first 2 weeks of September to prove it!







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