September 2016 Favourites

This, on the invention of Spanx, is brilliant. “I just called them.” Tenacity. (Via Cup of Jo).

Free land in Cape Breton!

◌ I found Michael Ruhlman’s words on adapting for cooking for one (post his marriage breaking down) brave.

36 hours in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities ever.

◌ 19 recipes for crispy, scraggly fritters. Yum.

◌ Currently reading this (English title: Second-Hand Time). It’s very long — 700+ pages — but engrossing.

◌ Two ‘real crime’ podcasts: Untold is an absolutely brilliantly done story of one of the most horrific inciences of corruption in British history. Essential listening. Bowraville . I sped through both of them.

Beautiful, especially the last paragraph: “When you leave the room, do not yell at the medical student who has a question. When you get home, do not yell at your husband. If he left his socks on the floor again today, it is all right.” (Via Cup of Jo).

The crappy dinner party. It’s been making the rounds, but I like it.

◌ 20 of Bruce Springsteen’s favourite books. His new autobiography is definitely on my list!

◌ Food for thought: “the tyranny of makeup”

The first bread that H. made, post-PhD! <3
The first loaf that H. made, post-PhD! ❤

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