May 2018 Favourites

It’s June (how?!) and I haven’t posted a favourites list for a while now. Here’s to a sunny and happy next few months.

10 ways to turn yogurt into dessert.

◌ Am I a Londoner? After many years of resolutely saying I’m not….. I think I kinda am now. And it took (sort of) moving away to realize it.

◌ Reading: Unexpectedly loved Song of Achilles. Janesville was very good. Currently devouring Preparation for the Next Life – a possible contender, so far, for my favourite book of the first half of 2018.

◌ Good read on the (many) downsides of  the gig economy.

◌ Enjoying Bobby Kennedy for President and Doctor Foster in Netflix viewing.

◌ The latest season of the Undisclosed podcast, their first about a woman, Pam Lanier, was extremely well done and definitely worth a listen.


hamp heath
Hampstead Heath on an amazing long weekend in London

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