Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

Even though we made it almost 7 years ago(!), H. & I still regularly talk about this amazing cake. What is it about certain meals or dishes that sticks in your mind? I’m convinced that it is in largely, or even wholly, emotional. We made that cake in a particular time, in a particular place, with berries we’d picked ourselves. We have never been able to recreate its amazingness, but it’s not for lack of trying.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love strawberry season — one of my favourite fruits, and one of the few I can still eat in raw form following numerous adult-onset allergies in recent years. In one of the very few cooler nights we have had this summer to date, we decided to turn on the oven and make this cake. I loosely followed this recipe (found by Googling), minus the cream topping, but there were a couple of issues. The recipe was missing the number of eggs, which I didn’t realize until I got started. We guessed 3 (it’s 2, as you’ll see from a comment that was added). I don’t think this made a big difference, particularly as we were using medium eggs. We also thought that the cooking time seemed too high/too little, so we lowered the heat slightly after the top of the cake (not pictured) got quite dark, and baked it a bit longer than the 25-35 minutes suggested.

It didn’t particularly photograph well, partly because some of the cake stuck to the bottom, so it looks a little hacked up in the photo. However, it did go down a storm and satisfied our craving for a not-too-sweet berry cake — perfect for any time of the day, breakfast included, I’d say!

strawberry buttermilk cake (2)


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