Polenta-Crust Pizza

Hello everyone. You might notice that after a couple of years, I’ve changed the look of my site! It felt like it needed a fresh start for fall, so I decided to update it a bit.


I mentioned in a previous post that the past few weeks have been extremely chaotic. Here’s the news: we’re moving! After 6 years in London we are moving outside of the city. More details coming on that soon. Although it’s several weeks away, I’m trying to be strategic in my food planning/prep so that we have to move as little food as possible, especially heavy stuff like cans. I’m also meal prepping like mad, as we are spending a lot of time on the go at the moment, and eating without planning = expensive and unhealthy meals.

On this occasion I decided to use up the 250g of polenta we had lying in the cupboard. How did I come up with the idea of a pizza with polenta base? I’m also trying to go through all of my old magazines at the moment — mostly delicious, which I’ve had a subscription to since 2013. I’ve detailed this process on the blog before; I try to cull magazines every two years but tend to do it seasonally. I’m determined not to take any magazines with me in the move, so I’ve been going through them and tearing out recipes I like (yes, I know there are numerous ways to sort digitally, but I’m not there yet).

This one caught my eye. The base is 250g polenta, plus 1L of liquid (400ml stock and 600ml milk). Unlike making pizza dough from scratch, this comes together quickly (make sure to keep stirring otherwise the mixture will clump). You can experiment with the toppings. I used the vegetables that recipe called for just because I happened to have that around and not much else. Cheese-wise, I only used mozzarella on top with a bit of cheddar in the base.

I don’t think it tops our regular homemade pizza, but it was certainly tasty, and very filling. It’s particularly good for gluten-free eaters.

polenta crust pizza


Scallop & Roasted Tomato Spaghetti

I’ve only been back in the UK for a week and a half, but my month home in Nova Scotia feels so long ago. It’s been an incredibly busy time since I returned — more about that coming at some point soon.

This is the only dish I will be writing about from our time in NS this summer (though see other pics here).

This was such a delicious meal. I loosely based it on this this but just sort of improvised as I went. This is really proof that the best meals are often the simplest with good ingredients. The scallops, tomatoes, and chives were all local. I lightly sauteed the scallops and roasted the tomatoes, and then tossed everything together with some butter, olive oil, some salt, and a big squeeze of lemon. Amazing — light, yet comforting, and delicious.


IMG_20180820_203119637_BURST001 (2)

August 2018 Favourites

Happy September! One of my favourite months. 🙂

I had a big long list of favourites that I was compiling throughout the summer, but it has disappeared. That’s a shame as I have largely been off the internet for most of the past month, so don’t have as many links to share! Here goes:

◌ Enjoyed Tallulah (available on Netflix).

◌ The low-down on milk(s).

◌ Speaking of which, we’re loving Peaky Blinders and very much enjoying the return of ◌ Ozark.

◌ Quite the story

◌ LOVE this.

◌ Currently reading this and loving it. Read Less last month and it was very good as well.