Summer 2017 Favourites

It’s back-to-school time and summer is coming to a close. I love fall, but am already missing the more relaxed pace of summer. Just a few links this time, as I haven’t been online much the past couple of weeks. Happy September, everyone.

◌ First things first. I read some great books this summer: The North Water, Shadow of Doubt, The Best Kind of People, The Memento.

Africa’s only female safari team. Awesome. I have been to Chobe and can attest to how amazing it is. This makes it even more so.

◌ I watched Deepwater Horizon last week and am still thinking about it.

50 best ethical beauty products, from Sali Hughes.

◌ We’re on episode 5 of Ozark (on Netflix) and are really enjoying it!

The best 500 pubs in London?

◌ Getting political and real life now: stop exploiting academics.

◌ It’s that time of year again: books coming in the second half of 2017.

◌ These might be cocktails for summer, but I’m going to carry on making them — or modified versions, without NS produce, sniff sniff — into fall.

My beautiful fur-niece!



June 2017 Favourites

Happy July, and happy belated 150th birthday to Canada! A lot has happened since my last favourites post: I turned 30, finished my first semester as a full-time lecturer, spent a week in Toronto. Now it’s summer and I am really looking forward to a slightly less chaotic two months. 🙂

One of the best pieces on Canada’s 150.

◌ The best and worst ramen in London.

◌ Recommended reading: Another Day in the Death of AmericaThe SelloutMy Life on the RoadThe Break.

◌ Diving for sea cucumbers in Alaska.

Is coffee actually good for you? (via Goop)

20 salad recipes  — just what you need when it’s above 25 in sticky London.

◌ Virginia Woolf’s novels mapped.

◌ Enjoyed Bruce Springsteen and Stella McCartney on Desert Island Discs.

◌ Summer is the time for dips.

◌ Goop’s summer reads.

Hawdraw Force waterfall, Yorkshire, May


April 2017 Favourites

Happy May! I have been trying to post this for days now, but haven’t written more than a few words a day.

This is a big month for me — I turn 30 in less than a week!

◌ Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend both Sweetland and A Room of One’s Own.

◌ Nice list of bakeries in Iceland. H. & I tried Sandholt when we were there and it was excellent.

NYT climate issue is well worth a look.

◌ Tips for ‘deep-cleaning’ your attitude (aka taking a break).

◌ Did anyone else listen to S-town? I’m conflicted …. part genius, part banal.

◌ Can’t say I have ever sought out an eel pie & mash shop in London.

◌ Started watching Schitt’s Creek on a whim, and I love it. My only gripe is that it should be set in Canada!

◌ Wedding cake trivia.

Edinburgh in spring

January 2017 Favourites

Oh man. What a start to 2017. Personally, professionally, just generally…it’s been a tough one. Here’s a big list of links to inspire.

◌ First and foremost: 2017 wine buying guide.

Instant ramen hacks from Lucky Peach.

◌ An oral history of the first flight of Syrian refugees to Canada.

2017 in publishing.

◌ The world’s best mustards.

Toni Erdmann is one of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen, but it made us laugh!

◌ This article really captivated me: My President Was Black.

No-knead bread, 10 years later.

◌ One episode into The Crown and it looks like it’s going to be good.

◌ A year in dinners. If you are short on ideas for what to cook, start here.

An African road trip.

You might want to pass on the shrimp cocktail. “We cannot trace…”

◌ 10 hotels for sale in France. Just cause.

◌ Great collection of Filipino recipes.

◌ Really interesting: self-control and empathy.



November 2016 Favourites

It’s December 1st and the falling snow has once again appeared on the blog!

◌ According to this quiz, my three dominant traits are independence, shyness, and orderliness. Replace shyness with introversion and I think it’s bang on.

◌ It’s here: NYT‘s 100 Notable Books of 2016.

◌ List of 25 casseroles. Perfect for this time of the year.

◌ Thanks to my friend D. for alerting me to the Axe Files podcast. If you’re into American politics and in-depth interviews with political figures, this is for you.

◌ Part of Ottolenghi’s Cook for Syria column, this recipe for bulgur with tomato, fried aubergine and cucumber yogurt was spot on. This is one of those ones with quite mundane and banal ingredients that just shines.

This casserole is excellent.

21 of the 21st century’s best docs, according to GQ. Proud to say that one of my aunts has a credit on one of them! (#13)

How the Rolling Stones became fashion icons.

◌ Found my dream job: bibliotherapist.

◌ Ireland’s lighthouse trail looks delightful.


October 2016 Favourites

October, you always speed by so quickly. Happy Halloween, happy almost November, and almost holiday season(!). This month’s links:

What It Takes to Be a Great Artist.

Love Zadie.

◌ Forget the 2nd cheapest — get the cheapest wine.

Moving a museum of natural history.

◌ I have been on a huge true crime kick: I have now listened to all episodes of the Maura Murray podcast (if you start this, prepare to fall into a rabbit hole); almost finished In Cold Blood; and I could talk about Netflix’s Amanda Knox doc for hours.

◌ Loved this.

◌ (Some of) Canada’s best books of the last 25 years.

Amazing footage of a diving humpback.

How to add more storage to your house. I need just about every single one of these.

Padstow, Cornwall (separate post coming)
Padstow, Cornwall (separate post coming)

September 2016 Favourites

This, on the invention of Spanx, is brilliant. “I just called them.” Tenacity. (Via Cup of Jo).

Free land in Cape Breton!

◌ I found Michael Ruhlman’s words on adapting for cooking for one (post his marriage breaking down) brave.

36 hours in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities ever.

◌ 19 recipes for crispy, scraggly fritters. Yum.

◌ Currently reading this (English title: Second-Hand Time). It’s very long — 700+ pages — but engrossing.

◌ Two ‘real crime’ podcasts: Untold is an absolutely brilliantly done story of one of the most horrific inciences of corruption in British history. Essential listening. Bowraville . I sped through both of them.

Beautiful, especially the last paragraph: “When you leave the room, do not yell at the medical student who has a question. When you get home, do not yell at your husband. If he left his socks on the floor again today, it is all right.” (Via Cup of Jo).

The crappy dinner party. It’s been making the rounds, but I like it.

◌ 20 of Bruce Springsteen’s favourite books. His new autobiography is definitely on my list!

◌ Food for thought: “the tyranny of makeup”

The first bread that H. made, post-PhD! <3
The first loaf that H. made, post-PhD! ❤

August 2016 Favourites

August bliss, you seem so far away now that it is well and truly back-to-school time. But you were a fantastic month, my favourite yet so far this year I think!

Here are some links:

Does the disappearance of sea ice matter?

◌ Loved Obama’s essay on feminism. And this profile of how he spends his evenings (fascinating).

◌ I read Flannery and loved it. Yes, I’m a bit biased because I love Lisa Moore (and met her this past month!). This novel is billed as YA but has a lot of resonance for all adults, I’d argue.

Ha! Don’t talk to me till one is a professional violinist and one writing a PhD together in a 44 square metre (470 square feet) apartment!

Discovering 2000 year old treasures while on holiday in Greece. Have a look at this!

◌ H. & I started watching Fargo on Netflix and are really enjoying it.

◌ Really looking forward to this cookbook.

Tomato recipes. Love tomato season.

◌ Last but certainly not least, I’m on a major binge of the podcast Chat 10 Looks 3. Big ups to my friend K for telling me about it! Don’t let the odd title put you off  — this podcast is two Australian journalists talking about what they read, watched, ate, saw, etc. It’s fantastic. They are both extremely well-spoken and eloquent. Really loving it, although the recommendations I’m getting from them just keep getting longer and longer.

Here’s to a happy September!

Sunset from my parents' home last month
Sunset from my parents’ home last month

July 2016 Favourites

Hi from Nova Scotia, where I arrived yesterday! I’m so happy to be home! Here are a few links for July. The blog will be on hiatus for the next few weeks, so wishing everyone a great August!

◌ Book previews – what’s to come in the second half of 2016. fiction; nonfiction.

◌ Beautiful pictures of London.

Zadie Smith on Brexit, nailing it as usual!

◌ I have recently been on a podcast binge. My two new (to me) favourites are Reply All and America’s Test Kitchen.

The War on Stuff.

No-cook dinners (and here’s 25 salads).

◌ Enjoyed the Lenny interview with Bobbi Brown.

◌ Parts 1 & 2 of a big series of the most influential people in Canadian food.

Summer skies in London

June 2016 Favourites

Happy Canada Day! I’ve spent so many Canada Days outside my home country now I’ve lost count. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow stronger.

Wow, June. What can I say. It’s been one of the most chaotic months of my life and certainly in world politics in recent memory. To be honest, I am still struggling to put into words my feelings about what’s happening here. All I can say at this point is thanks for shattering my dreams, 52%. Brexit has huge consequences for me, personally and professionally. The country is in crisis. It is really scary.

In all of this chaos I almost forgot that June was a month of celebration for me: I submitted my PhD thesis! And watched one of my best friends get married!

So, to counter all of this doom and gloom, some cheeriness…

Stunning photos of waves.

◌ Apparently the top 100 restaurants in the UK. I’ve only been to 6 of them and I’m dubious. Bao would be nowhere near the top 100 for me.

◌ Reading this and this and both are excellent.

Why I go barefoot in the kitchen.

How to bear-proof your house. Just because!

◌ Kickass Canadians. A perfect link for July 1st.

Beach Town, by Anthony Bourdain.

14 champagne cocktails!

◌ In between Euros games (auf geht’s Deutschland!), H. and I have been watching Detectorists (season 1 is on Netflix here). I really can’t recommend this series enough. It is the antidote to chaos. Quietly funny. Brilliant.

What to eat in July. Good collection of seasonal recipes.

◌ Goop’s summer reading suggestions.

Hello CN Tower — went up for the first time since I was about 10!