Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Bark

When in Toronto for work at the end of May, I stocked up on snacks. Now that I have a “normal” 9-to-5 job, I need good desk snacks daily. Some of my favourites include fried corn and sesame sticks, but I also discovered a new (to me) company Barkthins. (Sidenote: snacks are way better in North America. UK, you could really do with upping the snack game!)

After devouring the bark in about two days at work, I decided I would try to recreate it. I used this recipe as a base. I experimented a bit with the ratio of seeds to chocolate: in the end I used 300g dark chocolate and about 200g sunflower seeds — you really do need quite a bit of chocolate if you’re going to make a big batch.

This is really easy to make. I only used sunflower seeds — make sure you lightly toast or roast them. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t set, but it did (make sure to refrigerate at least an hour). It is delicious, especially with the added sea salt. I’d encourage everyone to give this one a go! 🙂

Sorry, no photo this time!


Dark Chocolate Tart

This past weekend, my friend A. came over for dinner. It was a relaxing Sunday affair and I wanted to keep the menu simple: roast chicken (a la Ottolenghi), potatoes, carrots, purple-spouting broccoli, and a salad. After all that relative healthiness we then indulged in this delicious and super-easy tart for dessert.

While the tart is no doubt not that great for you, my version contained almost no added sugar (less than one teaspoon) and, since Mireille Guiliano said it’s okay, I’m not feeling too guilty about the dark chocolate. One tip: use the best kind you can get. I used upmarket-supermarket stuff but wish I’d gone for something a little better.

I won’t lie: this is a rich dessert, which is why a very small piece is still very satisfying (especially with some whipped cream!). It keeps for a couple of days in the fridge. 🙂

chocolate tart
(Mug from Lucky Rabbit Pottery)