Hamburger Helper Casserole

This is the ultimate throwback. When I saw this recipe I knew immediately I had to try it. Yes, I ate Hamburger Helper as a child, and to me it evokes a lot of nostalgia. Also, it’s fall now, and the perfect time for casseroles.

This is a one-potter and very easy to make. I won’t lie in that I was a little bit nervous about the flavour combinations as it contains ingredients I wouldn’t normally put together. I omitted the celery and corn. So…..drum roll…… itt must have been 15+ years since I have had HH, but as soon as I took my first bite, I was transported back to my mum stirring at the stove in our old house! Nag (recipe creator) nailed it! And H., who has never had HH, loved it too. I urge those of you who grew up with this to try it! 🙂