A little about me & this blog

Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! By way of introduction, my name is Kate. By day, I’m a university lecturer. I live in the UK with my husband H., who occasionally makes an appearance in my posts ;), and am originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, a place I still consider “home” despite having lived away from there nearly constantly since 2005.

The purpose of this blog to primarily showcase what I get up to in the kitchen. Cooking is something that I find very relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding, and (so far, at least), I’ve enjoyed sharing it. When I began the blog in March 2011, I was living as an expat in Germany. I was self-employed and had the luxury of more or less dictating my own schedule, which allowed lots of time for experimenting in the kitchen — more than I’d ever had before. In April 2012, I moved back home to Nova Scotia for four months, and as of September 2012, I’ve been writing from the United Kingdom, where I moved to start my PhD.

Some favourites: city to visit Edinburgh; colour yellow; months May + September; ingredient lemon; sounds laughter, popping corks, foghorns, waves crashing on the Bay of Fundy; Canadian chefs Michael Smith, Craig Flinn, + Lucy Waverman; animal dog (closely followed by horse and then elephant); gemstone sapphire (#2=emerald); smells coffee, freshly cut grass, the ocean; quality in a friend humility; punctuation mark the semi colon; vacation South Africa ’08; character on Coronation Street Deirdre (rip AK); subject in high school history; time of day morning; ocean Atlantic; ice cream Udderly Divine.

Guten Appetit!

This is my paradise.


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