Links to travel posts.

Alaska, USA (July 2013)
Barcelona (February 2015)
Bolzano, Italy (December 2011)
Brussels, Belgium (Spring 2014)
Budapest, Hungary (September 2012)
Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada (August 2011)
Cornwall, England (October 2016)
Cumbria (August 2016)
Devon/Dartmoor National Park (September 2016)
Dumfriesshire, Scotland (July 2015)
Edinburgh & East Lothian, Scotland (January 2015)
Exmoor National Park, England (June 2013)
Ingonish, NS, Canada (August 2012)
Lisbon, Portugal (February 2013)
Majorca, Spain (May 2014)
Milan, Italy (July 2015)
New Forest, England (October 2014)
Newfoundland, Canada (August 2014)
North York Moors, England (July 2014)
NS to FL road trip (Dec.2015/Jan. 2016)
Paris (October 2013)
Reykjavik, Iceland (August 2015)
Rome (July 2011)
Seattle, WA, USA (July 2013)
Southern Poland (March 2014)
Toronto, ON, Canada (January 2012)
Venice, Italy (March 2012)
Travel “Priorities”


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